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William M. Patton

William M. Patton

Rank: Private, Company C, 39th Pennsylvania Regiment

Descendant: Christine B

William was born in 1833 in Pennsylvania.

He enlisted in Company C of the 39th PA Regiment on 21 Jul 1861. The regiment was also known as the 10 PA Reserve Infantry. The regiment became part of Fisher’s 3nd Brigade, Crawford’s 3rd Division, Warren’s 5th Corps, USA. The regiment was in Falmouth, Richmond, Gaines Mill and Antietam, among other places. In 1863, they were involved in Gettysburg, Bristoe, Mine Run among others. They camped along the Rapidan during the winter of 1863 – 1864.

In the spring of 1864, the Overland Campaign began, and the regiment was actively involved throughout the year. William was promoted to 1st on 26 Apt 1864. The following is an except form the 10th Pennsylvania Reserves/39th Pennsylvania Volunteers history:

At midnight on 3 May, the division crossed the Rapidan, and bivouacked in the Wilderness on the night of the 4th. During the following day, the regiment was engaged in skirmishing with the enemy and maneuvering, and at one time, the troops on the right having been heavily engaged and driven back, the entire division was in imminent danger of being cut off, but was withdrawn, the 10th without loss, to the neighborhood of the Lacy House, where the line was reformed and intrenched.

On the 6th, the regiment moved with the brigade to the right, and was pushed forward a mile or more, driving the enemy. In this advance, Col Ayer was severely wounded, and was borne from the field, the command devolving upon Capt Phipps, of Company E. The regiment suffered severe loss in wounded and had one killed.

On 11 June 1864, the regiment was mustered out of service in Pittsburgh, for their 3-year service had expired. William returned home, married, and had several children.

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