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Photo Gallery of Projects

Brooder Barn Restoration Project

Our major project for 2014/2015 was the restoration of the 20th century brooder barn located on the Ellwood property. FoWB funded the project to repair the cinder block walls, replace the roof, paint the exterior, install a concrete floor and install electrical service. Once completed, the lawn maintenance equipment utilized by the FoWB Ground Force was relocated from the old garage to the brooder barn and the garage demolished. The project was not only financially backed by FoWB, it also included many hours of donated volunteer hours including two Boy Scout Eagle Scout projects!

Note: The single bathroom installed during this project was replaced by two modern bathrooms in 2020 (NPS project).

Photos courtesy of Dale Brown and Mark Leach

Click on the first photo below to start the show and learn more about each phase.

Ellwood Restoration and Cultural Landscape

The enthusiasm, hard work, and generosity of so have many enabled FoWB to complete all three Phases of the Ellwood Restoration Project.  During the winter of 2011, Blue Mountain Builders and Two Worlds Renovations carried out the plans of historian/architect, Anthony Bochicchio, and restored the four bedrooms, Phase III of the project.

The transformation of the house is miraculous, considering that at one point its interior was a maze of open walls, deteriorating plaster, and timbers ravaged by insects.  FRSP took on the infrastructure responsibilities but turned to FoWB to accomplish the finer aspects of the project.

Although restoration maintenance will continue to be a focus, FoWB is now looking at the landscape beyond.

It was an extremely gratifying endeavor.  Ellwood Manor is an integral component of American history. Through preservation and restoration, the house and surrounding grounds become the best of teaching tools, an unequaled learning experience. Click on the first photo below to start the show and learn more about each phase.

Ellwood Painting Project 2016

FoWB, when they were still in a partnership with the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, funded a project to replace deteriorated weatherboard siding and paint the exterior of Historic Ellwood Manor. NPS provided the materials and FoWB paid for the contractor’s work.


Photos courtesy of Mark Leach

 Click on the first photo below to start the show and learn more about each phase.

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