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Thomas R Gosnell

Thomas R Gosnell

Rank: Co. E, 16th Regiment, Georgia Infantry

Descendant: Donna J. & Tenia N.

Thomas R Gosnell was born 16 December 1842 in Habersham County, in rural northeast Georgia to Charles and Mary Gosnell. His father was a farmer, and he became a farmer also.

The War between the States broke out, and on 11 Sep 1862, he enlisted into Company E 16th Regiment, Georgia Infantry. In May 1864, the regiment, part of Wofford’s Brigade, Hershaw’s Division, Longstreet’s 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, found itself in Wilderness, VA. According to his application for a pension on 7 Jul 1903:

While in the line of duty in battle in the wilderness 5 May 1864, he was gunshot in right side of face, in edge of right eye, tearing out the bone, cutting the optic nerve, destroying the sight in right eye.

He was tough. He remained with his unit throughout most of the rest of the war. On 6 April 1865, he was captured at High Bridge, near Farmville, VA. His capture was short lived. The war ended 9 Apr 1965, and he was released at New Port News 26 June 1865.

After the war, he returned to Habersham County and continued farming. By 1880, he had moved to Rabun County where he was a laborer. By 1910, he was in Atlanta.

He applied for a pension allowance on 15 Aug 1888 and was granted of $15 a month. His pension application in 1903 was raised to $30 a month.

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