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James Braswell

James Braswell

Rank: Private, Co. F. 30th North Carolina Infantry

Descendant: Milbrey B

James was born in Edgecomb County, North Carolina in November, 1839. He was one of 7 children of Richard a laborer, and Tabitha Alsobrook, a housewife, Braswell.

On 31April, 1861, he enlisted in Sparta township of Edgecomb County in the Sparta Band, known formally as Company F.

Company F was organized into the 30th North Carolina Infantry Regiment in 28 September, 1861. Company F was led by Francis Marion Parker throughout the war. The 30th NC Infantry completed it’s organization at Camp Magnum, near Raleigh, NC in October, 1861. In June, 1862, the regiment was assigned to General Anderson’s Brigade, General Hill’s Division and General Jackson’s Corps. In Nov. 1862, General Anderson was killed and the brigade was given to General Ramseur. In May, 1863, General Jackson was killed; the division was given to General Rodes, and the cops to General Ewell.

Pvt. Braswell was present and accounted for at all regiment muster rolls. The regiment was at Fredericksburg in Dec, 1862; Chancellorsville in May, 1863; Wilderness in May, 1864; and Spotsylvania in May, 1864.

He was wounded at Spotsylvania Court House, VA . He was also wounded a Petersburg in early 1865.

On May 6, 1864 his brigade was held back in reserve as the fighting in the Wilderness continued. Late in the afternoon, the regiment was called into duty and pushed Burnside’s IX Corps back over a half mile on the Jones field. In May, 1864, General Ramseur was promoted and the brigade was given to General Cox. In Oct, 1864, the division was given to General Grimes. In Feb, 1865, General Grimes was wounded, and the division was given to General Gordon. On April7, 1865, General Cox’s 30th Regiment (Company D) was credited with firing the last shots at Appomattox. 153 members of the 30th Regiment surrendered on April 9, 1865 and were paroled.

Pvt. Braswell returned to the Edgecombe County area of NC after the war. In 1866, he married Sallie Wiggins, a war widow with a small son. He was a farmer for a few years, and began to work for the Seaboard and Atlantic Coastline railroads. He and Sallie raised 5 children, one of whom was my grandmother ,Margaret Anne Milbrey.

In 1903, a group of veterans gathered in Elm City, NC to revisit their experiences. James Braswell dies in Dec 23, 1908. His w idow Sallie applied for a pension in 1909 and received it until her death Jan 3, 1924. Both Benjamin and Sallie are buried in Town Creel Cemetery in Elm City, Wilson County, NC.

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