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Alanzo Maxam

Alanzo Maxam

Rank: Corporal, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Company B

Descendant: James S

Civil War Service:

Enlisted August 1861 for three years in Cleveland, OH with Second Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Company B.

  • Re-enlisted with regiment for three years with Second Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Company B.Served August 1861 – December 1863 in the Missouri area, then Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • Served August 1861 – December 1863 in the Missouri area, then Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • Second Ohio transferred to Burnside’s IX Corps in Virginia for 1864 Spring Overland Campaign

  • Second Ohio Veteran Volunteer Cavalry transferred to Sheridan’s Cavalry Corps for Service around Petersburg, in the Shenandoah Campaigns, Five Forks and Appomattox Campaign, and Grand Review in Washington DC.

  • Regiment transferred to Missouri in the summer of 1865 where he was discharged.

  • Enlisted as private, served as bugler, and discharged at rank of corporal.

Involvement in Battle of Wilderness:

  • May 4, May 5 (Battle first day), and May 6 (Battle second day) – Second Ohio Cavalry are with IX Corps in rear of Army of Potomac on way to cross at Germanna Ford Crossings.

  • May 7 (Battle third day) – Second Ohio Cavalry are seconded to VI Corps to guard Germanna Pike (Rt.3) between Pontoon Crossings (present Rt.3 River Bridge) and Spotswood House/Mine Road (approximately Lakeview Parkway, just inside Lake of the Woods Front Gate).

  • Midday May 7 – CSA Cavalry probe onto Germanna Pike, rout another US Cavalry unit which retreats into Second Ohio Cavalry. After some confusion, Second Ohio Cavalry regroups at Spotswood House and holds their ground till CSA withdraws.

  • Evening May 7 – Second Ohio Cavalry follows Army Potomac south to Spotsylvania.

  • Over next few days – Second Ohio Cavalry fights in actions at Piney Branch Church and Aldrich Farm, Harris Farm and in the flanking actions around Lee/CSA as armies move south towards Richmond in the Overland Campaign .

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