William Fitzhugh “Rooney” Lee

Major General, Army of Virginia Calvary

William Fitzhugh “Rooney” LeeRooney was born 31 May 1837 in Arlington, VA, the 2nd son of Robert E and Mary Custis Lee.

He joined the Army of Virginia with his father.  In 1863, he was wounded at Brandy Station, just prior to Gettysburg.  Shortly after, he was taken prisoner of war and was held until 2 Feb 1864.  He was then given command of a cavalry unit.

On May 8, his unit staked out a low ridge near Laurel Hill, between Wilderness and Spotsylvania.  He had reinforcements from Anderson’s group and Ewell’s 2nd Corps.  Warren’s 5th Corps, along with Sedgewick’s 6th Corps, and Sheridan’s cavalry unit, tried to get through or around, but were repulsed in all directions.