Lieutenant Thomas Hardy Culver

Company K, 15th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Thomas Hardy Culver served in the Confederate Army as a member of Company K, 15th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia.  He was elected 2nd Sergeant 15 Jul 1861.  He was elected Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 20 Jul 1862.  He then served as 2nd Lieutenant from 11 May 1863 until he was killed during the Battle of the Wilderness 6 May 1864.

Excerpt from a letter written by Edgeworth Bird to his wife, Sallie:

“… In the 15th Tom Culver is killed . . . General Lee was among the thick flying balls on the front lines, is all right and, the boys say acted gallantly.  

All others safe. German, Sam and myself found poor Tom Culvers body.  Brought it out on a mule, dug the grave and buried it.”