General Ulysess S Grant

Commander-in-Chief of the United Stated Army

grantGrant was born Hiram Ulysess Grant 27 Apr 1822 in Ohio.. Through an error in paper work when he was nominated for an appointment to West Point, he was listed as Ulysess S Grant.  That stuck, and he was known as Sam, and later as Uncle Sam.  He graduated for West Point in 1843, and then served in the Mexican war.  He resigned from the military in 1854.  He couldn’t make it financially as a civilian.

In 1861, he joined the United States army.  In 1862, he took control of Kentucky and Tennessee, and won the battle of Shiloh.  In March 1864, Lincoln promoted him to Lt Gen and commanding officer of the US Army.

On 4 May 1864, Grant and his army crossed the Rapidan River to begin the Overland  Campaign.  For three days, he attacked Lee’s army, and Lee attacked back. During this time, he had a meeting with Warren over following orders.  Grant flanked Lee’s army to the southeast in an attempt to wedge his army between Lee and Richmond.  This maneuver would continue all the way to Richmond.


Last Known Photo of US Grant

Grant Portrait