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Wilderness Brigade and Ellwood Legacy   

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Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for membership in the Wilderness Brigade is through an ancestor, either direct (grandparent) or collateral (uncle, cousin, aunt), who:

1) served as a non-combatant in the Confederate Hospitals at the Wilderness during or after the Battle of Chancellorsville (1863); or

2) was a soldier wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville and was treated at one of these same hospitals; or

3) participated in the Battle of the Wilderness (1864)

Eligibility for membership in the Ellwood Legacy is through an ancestor either direct (grandparent) or collateral (uncle, cousin,aunt), who lived or worked at Ellwood or visited there as a guest, prior to 1977 at which time the NPS took possession.



The programs require two levels of verification: (1) the ancestor’s presence at the Battle of the Wilderness or relevant association with Ellwood must be documented. (2) The applicant/descendant must document a genealogical relationship (direct or collateral) with the ancestor.

FoWB volunteers will assist with the first level as it applies to the battle. The genealogical research is the responsibility of the applicant, although F0WB will offer guidance and support where possible.

To Apply: Download and complete an Application and mail it to:  

Attn: Heritage Programs
P.O. Box 576
Locust Grove, VA 22508

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