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Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee

Rank: Commanding General, Army of Virginia

Descendant: Marcia H

Robert Edward Lee was born 19 Jan 1807 at Stratford, VA, to Henry “Lighthorse Harry” and his wife. He graduated top in his class of 1833 at West Point, and had various assignment throughout his 32 year military career.

In May 1862, he took command of the Army of Virginia. He did not want to country to break up, but his allegiance was to Virginia.

May 6, 1864, during the Battle of the Wilderness, he was leading a Texas group near Tapp farm. The Texans said they would not go forward into the battle until Lee went to the rear. He did so, and after the battle, they led him and his horse Traveller back to the front. Wilderness was considered a tactical victory for Lee, and he matched Grant in maneuvers all the way to Richmond.

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