Wilderness Brigade Biographies

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They Served … They Fought … Some Lived … Some Died

Read the stories of our Wilderness Brigade ancestors.


Name Rank/Unit Descendant
Charles Ainslie Private, Co. D, 14th US Regulars, Army of the Potomac Christine T
Amos Bean Private, 3rd Maine Volunteers, Company E Barry Y
Horatio Bell Captain, Company G, 15Oth Pennsylvania Volunteers John W B & John H B
James Branyan Private, 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteers Diane S
Robert Branyan Private, 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteers Diane S
James Braswell Private, Co. F. 30th North Carolina Infantry Milbrey B
Francis Burns Private, Co. C. 13th Mississippi Infantry Raymond B
William Chewning Civilian Vickie B
Archibald Thomas Cohea Private, Co. F. 4th Texas Infantry Hilton C
John Craig Orderly Sergeant, Company F, 21st Virginia Infantry Craig R
Thomas Culver Co. K, Georgia Volunteers German C
Josiah Outley Daws Co. K, 15th North Carolina Regiment Milbrey B
Thomas R Gosnell Co. E, 16th Regiment, Georgia Infantry Donna J. & Tenia N.
General Ulysess S Grant Commander-in-Chief of the United Stated Army John G
Hilliard Daws Company K of the 15th North Carolina Regiment Milbrey B
William Foster Company E of the 9th Virginia Cavalray Wade H
Major Haley Private, Co. F. 17th Vermont Infantry Heidi M
Horace Hall Private, Co E. 1st Vermont Cavalry Steven P
Daniel Hartnett Sergeant, 60th Ohio Infantry- H Division Sharpshooters Catherine G
Alexander Hays Brevet Major General, Army of the Potomac Alexander H IV
John Levi Hosford Company H of the 4th Vermont Infantry Raymond M
Seth Callis Hunkins Senior Surgeon of the 2nd Brigade 3rd Division 2nd Corps Ann B & Mari B
Baxter Johnson Private, Co. I,  7th  Michigan Volunteer Infantry Robin N.
William Dickey Jones Private, Co. K, 37th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Joseph C.
John Knupp Private, Co. G, 67th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers Dale B
Robert E Lee Commanding General, Army of Virginia Marcia H
William Rooney Lee Major General, Army of Virginia Calvary Marcia H
James Letherbury Lieutenant, 2nd Delaware Regiment Russ S
Eben Manchester Private/Wagoner, Co. C, 20th Maine Regiment, Co. C Mark L
Laughlin J. McKenzie Private, Co. D, 126th Ohio Regiment Charles B
Alanzo Maxam Corporal, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Company B James S
Hugh Moore Private, Co. F, 11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry Joseph W & Janice C
Henry Murray Sergeant, Co. C, 7th PA Reserves Douglas H
Gervas Ott Private. Company C, 83rd New York Infantry Regiment Eugene O
John Patterson Colonel, 102nd Pennsylvania Infantry William P
William M. Patton Private, Companc C, 39th Pennsylvania Regiment Christine B
John Calhoun Pitchford Private, 3rd Corps., Army of Northern Virginia James L
Carlos H. Rich 1st Sergeant, Company D, 4th Vermont Volunteers Geoffrey H
Samuel Klinger Schwenk General 50th PA Volunteer Infantry Thomas R
Jairus R Shockey 1st Private, Co. A, 10th PA Reserves Donald S.
John Simpson Rode’s Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia Charles B
Edward (Edmond) Slattery Private, Co. G, 12th Regiment Massachusetts Infantry Terrance S
Alfred Franklin Stafford Private, Co. B, 37th Regiment North Carolina Infantry Thomas J
Leroy Augustus Stafford Brigadier General, Army of Northern Virginia Allen H
Benjamin Starr Private, Co.  J, 13th Georgia Regiment Douglas C
John Hatch Stover 1st Sgt, Co. F, 52nd Virginia Infantry Joseph S
Martin Slaughter Stringfellow Lt, Co. A, 13th Virginia Infantry Dylan E
Elias Trainum
Lieutenant, 13th Virginia Infantry Bryan T
Henry Washington Waters 61st Regiment of Georgia Volunteer Infantry Kenneth K
Frederick William Watkins 5th NY Battery Frederick W. III
Willaim Henry Wheeler Company I, 26th Michigan Infantry Brian S
Blake Henry Wiggins 2nd North Carolina Calvary Milbrey B
James and E.T Woolfok 1st Lt, Ashland Light Artillery, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia Dorothy M
Oliver Johnston Youmans Private, 2nd SC Volunteer Regiment Stoney C
Joeseph Zeigler Private, Co. A, 27th  Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Linda S