Ellwood Legacy Biographies

3Ellwood Manor


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Note: The following biographies are presented to you as submitted by the descendants. 

Ancestor’s Name Description Descendant’s Name Relationship
Hugh Evander Willis  20th Century Owner of Ellwood  Carolyn E.  Great Grandfather
William Jones  1st Owner of Ellwood  Ruth M.  3rd Great Grandfather
William Jones  1st Owner of Ellwood  John W.  3rd Great Grandfather
Benjamin Hiter James  Plantation Overseer 1860s/1870s   Robert M.  Great Grandfather
Mary Pearl Kuper  Guest at Ellwood  Mary H.  Mother
Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee  Guest of William Jones at Ellwood  Marcia H.  4th Cousin 6 Times Removed
Ann Harry  Guest at Ellwood  Self  Self
James Horace Lacy  19th Century Owner of Ellwood  Agnes J.  Great Grandfather
The Chewnings  Family Located on Jones-Lacy Property  Lorraine K.  
William V Chewning Ellwood Overseer  Vickie B. 3nd Great Grandfather