Brooder Barn Restoration Project

BB What We Started With

Our major project for 2014/2015 is the restoration of the 20th century brooder barn located on the Ellwood property.  FoWB is funding the project to repair the cinder block walls, replace the roof, paint the exterior, install a concrete floor and install electrical service. A handicap accessible bathroom will also be installed  Once completed, the lawn maintenance equipment utilized by the FoWB Ground Force will be relocated from the old garage to the brooder barn. The project was not only financially backed by FoWB, it also included many hours of donated volunteer hours including two Boy Scout Eagle Scout projects!

Photos courtesy of Dale Brown and Mark Leach

2014 Work Completed

Cinder Block Repairs

Not a Small Repair!
Final Repairs Complete

Roof Replacement

Tearing off the old roof
The new roof

New Gutters and Downspouts (Eagle Scout Project)

New Gutters
Roof Gutters

Window Replacement and Painting (Eagle Scout Project)

The old
The new

New Concrete Floor

Original Dirt Floor
New concrete floor


What We’re Doing in 2015

Framing Out the New Bathroom

Ellwood Ground Force Volunteers
New Bathroom Taking Shape

New Electrical Service

Volunteers Digging the Trench
Volunteers Digging the Trench


New Lights
Jenkins Electric at Work

New Bathroom Taking Shape

Inspector Elaine Touches up the Windows

Interior Walls Taking Shape

We Found Some Old Wood to Use

Finally Time To Paint!

Volunteers Ann and Emma - They Even Furnished the Paint!

We’re Getting Closer to Completion

The Final Touches!!