Board of Directors

The FoWB Board of Directors comprises up to fifteen members who are responsible for the business operation and general affairs of the organization. FoWB members in good standing are eligible to be elected to a three-year term. Email the Board of Directors by clicking CONTACT and using category ‘President’.

2023 Board of Directors

  • Robert (Bob) Lookabill, Orange County, Virginia, President 
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Stenstrom, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, Vice-President 
  • Jeffrey (Jeff) Slunt, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Bianchi, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Secretary
  • Suzanne Baxter, Orange County, Virginia
  • Gary Close, Orange County, Virginia
  • Kevin Hunt, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Ben Hamm, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Bev Ellis, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Peter (Pete) Kolakowski, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Joe Lafleur, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Greg Mertz, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Lynn McDonald, Orange County, Virginia
  • Ruth Pavlik, Orange County, Virginia
  • Don Shockey, Rappahannock County, Virginia

Board Committees

The FoWB Board of Directors has eight standing committees. Each committee is chaired by a member of the board and comprises both board members and non-board members. If you are an FoWB member and interested in serving on a committee, send us an email by clicking CONTACT and using category ‘President’.

  • Battlefield Resources: (Chair: Kevin Hunt) Provides resources for the physical upkeep of the Wilderness Battlefield including the grounds at Ellwood.
  • Communications Committee: (Chair: Beth Stenstrom) Responsible for FoWB media relations, press releases, the website. and public outreach programs.
  • Education Outreach Committee: (Chair TBD) Conducts and sponsors educational and informational activities that focus on the Battle of the Wilderness, the battlefield area, the Wilderness, the surrounding area and its related history.
  • Operations Committee: (Chair: Don Shockey) Directs Ellwood operations including interpretation, interpreter training and housekeeping. FRSP personnel also serve on this committee.
  • Finance Committee: (Chair: Greg Mertz) Responsible for the financial standards, practices and policies related to FoWB operations.
  • Governance Committee: (Chair: Pete Kolakowski) Provides assistance and advice to the Board of Directors to maximize efficient management of FoWB.
  • Membership/Heritage Program Committee: (Chair: TBD) Develops and implements programs to recruit new members and enhance membership benefits.
  • Program & Special Events Committee: (Chair: Joe Lafleur) Enhances FoWB’s visibility by conducting and sponsoring programs and events that focus on the Battle of the Wilderness, the battlefield area, the Wilderness, the surrounding area and its related history.