Park Day Assignments


We are still fine tuning the assignments for Park Day, but here is the current list of assignments and maps/instructions for each task area.   If you are not on the list  or there is no site map document, details will be provided Saturday at check-in.  Please check-in at Ellwood prior to reporting to your work site.

Click HERE to view the assignments by type and name.

Each of the following links will bring up a document containing a map and details of the task site.

General Instructions

Trash Pickup Site 1A

Trash Pickup Site 1B

Trash Pickup Site 2

Trash Pickup Site 3

Trash Pickup Site 4

Trash Pickup Site 5

Trash Pickup Site 6

Trash Pickup Site 7

Trash Pickup Site 8

Trash Pickup Site 9

Trash Pickup Site 10

Trash Pickup Site 11

Trash Pickup Site 12

Trash Pickup Site 13

Monuments Site 14

Longstreet Wounding Site 15

Vermont Monument Site 16

Hill-Ewell Trash Pick Up

Tapp Field Trash Pick Up


Ellwood Garden – Located between the house and the cemetery




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